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Hyundai Accent: Installation - High Pressure Fuel Pump. Repair procedures - Fuel Delivery System - Engine Control/Fuel SystemHyundai Accent: Installation

Be sure to check the low pressure fuel hose quick-connector (A) is completely connected to the high pressure fuel pump until a confirmation 'click' sound is heard.
Be sure to re-check the low pressure fuel hose is completely connected to the high pressure fuel pump by pulling it after connecting.
Be sure to install the high pressure fuel pipe (B) with the specified torques.
Because fuel leak may cause fire, securely Inspect leakage of all fuel line connection parts at engine start condition.

Before installing the high pressure fuel pump, position the roller tappet in the lowest position by rotating the crankshaft. Otherwise the installation bolts may be broken because of tension of the pump spring.
Be careful to be free from foreign materials when assembling.
Do not reuse the used bolt.
Do not reuse the used high pressure fuel pipe.
When tightening the installation bolts of the high pressure fuel pump, tighten in turn the bolts in small step (0.5 turns) after tightening them with hand-screwed torque.
Install the component with the specified torques.
First hand-tighten the fasteners fully until they are not fastened any more in orderto have them inserted in place and then completely tighten to the specified torque using a torque wrench.
If not tightening the bolts or nuts in a straight line with the mating bolt holes or fittings, it may cause a fuelleak due to broken threads.
Note that internal damage may occur when the component is dropped. In this case, use it after inspecting.
Apply engine oil to the O-ring (A) of the high pressure fuel pump, the roller tappet (B), and the protrusion (C). Also apply engine oil to the groove on the location where the protrusion (C) is installed.

Installation is reverse of removal.
Use the special service tool [SST No.: 09314-3Q100 or 09314-27130] to install the high pressure fuel pipe.

High pressure fuel pump installation bolt:
12.8 ~ 14.7 N.m (1.3 ~ 1.5 kgf.m, 9.4 ~ 10.9 lb-ft)
High pressure fuel pipe installation nut:
26.5 ~ 32.4 N.m (2.7 ~ 3.3 kgf.m, 19.5 ~ 23.9 lb-ft)
High pressure fuel pipe function block installation bolt: 9.8 ~ 11.8 N.m (1.0 ~ 1.2 kgf.m, 7.2 ~ 8.7 lb-ft)

In case of removing the high pressure fuel pump, high pressure fuel pipe, delivery pipe, and injector, there may be injury ...

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