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Hyundai Accent: Adjustment - Hood. Repair procedures - Exterior - Body (Interior and Exterior) - Hyundai Accent 2010-2019 Service ManualHyundai Accent: Adjustment

Hood Adjustment
After loosening the hinge (A) mounting bolt, adjust the hood (B) by moving it up or down, or right or left.
Adjust the hood height by turning the hood over slam bumpers (C).
After loosening the hood latch (D) mounting bolts, adjust the latch by moving it up or down, or right or left.

Hood Assembly Replacement Х When removing and installing the hood, an assistant is necessa ...

Trunk Lid. Repair procedures

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1. Inspect the check valve in the vacuum hose. Do not remove the check valve f ...

Installation is in the reverse order of removal. Perform the following : Х Adjust a shift cable. Х Refill engine with engine oil. ...

Components and Components Location
Component Location 1. Power door mirror 2. Power door mirror switch ...


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