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Hyundai Accent: PODS-F Zeroing procedure - Passive Occupant Detection System (PODS-F). Repair procedures - SRSCM - Restraint (Advanced) - Hyundai Accent 2010-2019 Service ManualHyundai Accent: PODS-F Zeroing procedure

You should perform PODS-F Re-zero procedure after service or replacement about all part of the passenger seat. (Not included full seat assembly)
Ignition OFF, connect GDS.
Ignition ON & Engine OFF, select Airbag system and PODS-F Reset mode.

The GDS will show the two PODS-F Zeroing function steps.
Erase PODS-F diagnostic codes.
PODS-F initialization.

This step must be done PODS-F re-zero, when the front passenger seat is empty.
The PODS-F initialization procedure will be performed.

Erase the SRSCM diagnostic codes after completing the PODS-F zeroing.
In case of zeroing failure
Code 01 : Requestor ID out of range.
Code 02 : ECU faults.
Code 03 : ODS sensor short to ground.
Code 04 : Open between ODS ECU and mat.
Code 05 : ODS ECU has not been trimmed.
Code 06 : Configuration disabled in ECU calibration.
Code 07 : Configuration value out of range.
Code 08 : Used in zero Request response only.
Code 09 : Algo enabled this ignition cycles.
Code 0A : Upper offset value created during the zero process.
Code 0B : Lower offset value created during the zero process.
Code 0C : Voltage diagnostic
Code 0D : The delta of QX_Freq_Low and QX_Freq_High must remain low.
Code 0E : Temperature is above O deg C during the zero process.
Code 0F : Re-read QX Final compare delta limit. (zero verify)

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