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Hyundai Accent: Removal - Front Impact Sensor (FIS). Repair procedures - SRSCM - Restraint (Advanced) - Hyundai Accent 2010-2019 Service ManualHyundai Accent: Removal

Removal of the airbag must be performed according to the precautions/ procedures described previously.
Before disconnecting the front impact sensor connector, disconnect the front airbag connector(s).
Do not turn the ignition switch ON and do not connect the battery cable while replacing the front impact sensor.
Disconnect the battery negative cable, and wait for at least three minutes before beginning work.
Remove the front bumper.
(Refer to the Body group - "Front bumper")
Remove the washer reservoir.
(Refer to the Body Electrical group - "Washer motor")
[Right side only]
Remove the front impact sensor mounting bolt (A).

Disconnect the front impact sensor connector (B).
Remove the front impact sensor.

Front Impact Sensor (FIS). Repair procedures

Х Do not turn the ignition switch ON and do not contact the battery cable while replacing the f ...

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