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Hyundai Accent: Audio system - Features of your vehicleHyundai Accent: Audio system

If you install an after market HID (high intensity discharge) head lamp, your NOTICE

If you install an after market HID (high intensity discharge) head lamp, your vehicle's audio and electronic device may malfunction.

Bluetooth® Wireless Technology hands-free
You can use a Bluetooth® Wireless Technology phone. Detailed information for the Bluetooth® Wireless Technology hands-free is described in the “Audio section” in this chapter or in the manual ...

Roof antenna Your car uses a roof antenna to receive both AM and FM broadcast signals. This antenna is a removable type. To remove the antenna, turn it counterclockwise. To install the antenna, ...

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Blade inspection
NOTICE Commercial hot waxes applied by automatic car washes have been known to make the windshield difficult to clean. Contamination of either the windshield or the wiper blades with foreign ma ...

Intake Air Temperature Sensor (IATS). Description and Operation
Description Intake Air Temperature Sensor (IATS) is included inside Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor and detects the intake air temperature. To calculate precise air quantity, correction o ...

Back-up procedures
Lost keys, remote control, electronic key Visit a CITRO?N dealer with the vehicle's registration certificate, a personal identification document and, if possible, the label bearing the key code. Th ...

Hyundai Accent Manuals

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