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Hyundai Accent: Sliding armrest - Storage compartments - Features of your vehicleHyundai Accent: Sliding armrest

To move forward

To move forward

Grab the front portion of the armrest (1) then pull it forward.

To move rearward

Push the armrest rearward with your palm.

Do not grap the front portion of the armrest (1) when moving the armrest WARNING

Do not grap the front portion of the armrest (1) when moving the armrest rearward. It may pinch your fingers.

Center console storage
To open the center console storage, pull up the lever. ...

Glove box
To open the glove box, push the button and the glove box will automatically open. Close the glove box after use. WARNING To reduce the risk of injury in an accident or sudden stop, always keep ...

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Hyundai Accent Manuals

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