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Hyundai Accent: Steering Angle Sensor. Description and Operation - ESC(Electronic Stability Control) System - Brake System - Hyundai Accent 2010-2019 Service ManualHyundai Accent: Steering Angle Sensor. Description and Operation


The steering angle speed sensor detects the angle of the steering wheel in order to which direction a user chooses.The sensor is detached on the MPS(Mutil-Function Switch) under the steering wheel.
Measureing Principle
The split of the steering angle sensor detects a steering angle of the steering wheel by a ON/OFF pulse caused by whether or not the LED lights go through the hole of the split, rotating as the steering wheel revolves. There are three LEDs, two(ST1, ST2) for detecting a steering direction, and the other for the neutral position.The HECU calculates the steering angle by the pulse from the steering angle sensor.

Operating voltage
9 ~ 16 V
Operating temperature
-30 ~ 75 C
Current consumption
Max.100 mA
Steering angle velocity
Max. 1500 /sec
3.0 V ~ 4.1 V
1.3 V ~ 2.0 V
Pulse duty
40 ~ 60 %

Circuit Diagram (Steering Wheel Speed Angle Sensor)

Calibration (Setting up the zero angle)
Steering Wheel Angle Sensor of a absolute angle type (CAN type) measures the angle under the standard of the zero angle set.
Calibration must be performed as following cases.
Replacement of the Steering Wheel Angle Speed Sensor
Replacement or repair of the Steering column
Detection of DTC codes (C1260, C1261)
Replacement of the sensor cluster
Replacement of HECU
Calibration procedure
Perform wheel alignment and stand the steering wheel in a line within 5error.

Connect the GDS.(CAN line or OBD connector)
Turn ignition switch on.
Press calibration button of the Steering Wheel Angle Sensor.
HECU calibration procedure is performed.
(Calibration records, DTC codes erasure)

Turn ignition switch off after calibration procedure.
Confirm success or failure of calibration.
Warning lamp must not be lighted when driving test (Turning left and right).
ESC lights ESC OFF warning lamp when making an error in comparison with values of other sensors.
ESC OFF Switch. Repair procedures
Inspection 1. Turn ignition switch OFF and disconnect the negative (-) battery cable. 2. Remove the crash pad lower panel. (Refer ...

Body (Interior and Exterior)

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