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Hyundai Accent: Disassembly - Alternator. Repair procedures - Charging System - Engine Electrical SystemHyundai Accent: Disassembly

Remove the rear cover (A).

Loosen the mounting bolts(A) and disconnect the brush holder assembly(B).

Remove the slip ring guide(A).

Remove the pulley(A) using the special tool.

Unsolder the 3 stator leads(A).

Loosen the 4 through bolts(A).

Disconnect the rotor(A) and bracket(B).

Reassembly is the reverse order of disassembly.

Removal and Installation
1. Disconnect the battery negative terminal first, then the positive terminal. Tightening torque (-) terminal : 4.0 ~ 6. ...

Rotor 1. Check that there is continuity between the slip rings (C). 2. Check that there is no continuity between the s ...

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Hyundai Accent Manuals

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