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Hyundai Accent: Disassembly - Cylinder Block. Repair procedures - Cylinder Block - Engine Mechanical SystemHyundai Accent: Disassembly

Engine removal is required for this procedure. (Refer to Engine and transaxle assembly removal in this group)
M/T : Remove the fly wheel.
A/T : Remove the drive plate.
Install the engine to engine stand for disassembly.
Remove the timing chain. (Refer to Timing chain in this group)
Remove the cylinder head. (Refer to Cylinder head in this group)
Remove the water jacket insert (A).

Be careful not to deform or damage it when removing.
Remove the oil level gauge tube.
Remove the knock sensor (A) and the oil filter (B).

Remove the oil pressure switch (A).

Using the SST (09215-3C000), remove the oil pan (A).

Insert the SST between the oil pan and the ladder frame by tapping it with a plastic hammer in the direction of arrow.
After tapping the SST with a plastic hammer along the direction of edge of the oil pan, remove it from the ladder frame. arrow around more than 2/3 edge of the oil pan, remove it from the ladder frame.
Do not turn over the SST abruptly without tapping. It is result in damage of the SST.
Remove the oil screen (A).

Remove the rear oil seal (A).

Remove the ladder frame (A).

Check the connecting rod end play.
Remove the connecting rod caps and check oil clearance.
Remove the piston and connecting rod assemblies.
Using a ridge reamer, remove all the carbon from the top of the cylinder.
Push the piston, connecting rod assembly and upper bearing through the top of the cylinder block.
Keep the bearings, connecting rod and cap together.
Arrange the piston and connecting rod assemblies in the correct order.
Remove the crankshaft bearing cap and check oil clearance.
Check the crankshaft end play.
Lift the crankshaft (A) out of the engine, being careful not to damage journals.
Arrange the main bearings and thrust bearings in the correct order.

Check fit between piston and piston pin.
Try to move the piston back and forth on the piston pin.
If any movement is felt, replace the piston and pin as a set.
Remove the piston rings.
Using a piston ring expander, remove the 2 compression rings.
Remove the 2 side rails and oil ring by hand.
Arrange the piston rings in the correct order only.
Remove the connecting rod from the piston.
Using a press, remove the piston pin from piston.
(Press-in load : 500 ~ 1,500kg(1,102 ~ 3,306lb))

Cylinder Block. Repair procedures

Connecting Rod And Crankshaft 1. Check the connecting rod end play. Using feeler gauge, measure the end play while moving the connecting rod back and f ...

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