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Hyundai Accent: Adjustment - Sunroof. Repair procedures - Exterior - Body (Interior and Exterior)Hyundai Accent: Adjustment

How To Initialize Motor
Check that the glass has been installed.
Finished height adjustment.
Push the down switch. (Keep on pushing the switch)
The slide should move 5mm forward after 15 seconds.

After moving the slide 5mm forward, turn OFF the switch and push the down switch (Keep on pushing the switch with continuous operation).
If the operation above is correct, the sunroof will open and close one time.
When the sunroof is completely closed, turn OFF the down switch. The Inital Motor procedure in now completed.
When To Initialize The Motor
At the time of manufacture.
If the Initial setting is erased due to loss of power.
After using the manual handle.
Operating The Sunroof Emergency Handle
Use the sunroof emergency handle to close and open the sunroof manually for the following case only:
To close the sunroof before driving a vehicle in a rainy day or on the highway if the sunroof cannot be closed due to failure of the sunroof motor or controller.
Operating method
Remove the roof trim.
Push the emergency handle up into the hexagonal drive of the sunroof motor. You must push hard enough to disengage the motor clutch; otherwise the emergency handle will slip due to incomplete fit in the motor.
After closing the sunroof, wiggle the handle back and forth as you remove the tool from the motor, to ensure the motor clutch reengages.
A 5mm hex socket may be used in place of the emergency handle, with a "Speeder" type handle.
Do not use power tools to operate the sunroof.
Damage to the components may occur.

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